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Publisher Focus Consulting Group - USA Book Service Provider

Publisher Focus Consulting Group

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Publisher Focus Consulting Group
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Publisher Focus Consulting Group was the first online marketing agency to focus solely on the needs of publishers. We serve large, mid-level and small organizations with a heavy focus on ROI. Whether it is fine-tuning SEO/SEM campaigns, optimizing landing pages, performing usability studies, negotiating top commission rates, setting up reporting systems that analyze “yield”, or anything else related to affiliate marketing, the team at Publisher Focus Consulting Group has done it before and will do it for you.

Are you an affiliate marketing publisher (or do you want to be)? Is your program as efficient and effective as possible? Do you have that nagging fear that your competition is beating you at your own game? The truth is that every business needs constant fine-tuning. In these tough economic times the competition to attract online spending dollars is brutal. Publishers need to make sure that they are constantly focused on the four ingredients that are key to affiliate marketing:

Driving people to their site
Encouraging those visitors to take the actions that earn money for the publisher
Earning as much money as possible from those actions
Enticing the visitor (and their friends) to come back to the publisher’s site to do more of the same

Publisher Focus Consulting Group will help you optimize each of those fo... View More »