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Smashwords ( is leading publisher, distributor and online retailer of ebooks. Smashwords allows authors and publishers to upload their books as Microsoft Word .doc or .RTF files, and then we automatically convert them into multiple ebook formats, ready for immediate sale online at a price set by the author/publisher. Smashwords returns up to 85% of the net proceeds from book sales back to the author/publisher, and provides a wide range of free marketing tools. All Smashwords services are free. Smashwords' relationship with the author/publisher is non-exclusive.
Smashwords is now publishing works in all genres and categories, and of all lengths. Books that are straight form narrative work best as ebooks. Limited images are okay. Coffee table picture books do not translate well to ebooks.
Smashwords is a self-serve online publishing platform. We do not accept manuscripts via paper mail, disk or email. To publish your work on Smashwords, first sign up for a free account at Next, read the Smashwords Style Guide for important ebook formatting recommendations. Ebooks are formatted *DIFFERENTLY* than print books. Next, after your book is formatted properly, click the "Publish" link and follow the simple steps to upload your book into the system. Most books appear online, ready for immediate sampling and sale, in five minutes or less.