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Lori Jordan-Rice

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Lori Jordan-Rice
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Lori Jordan-Rice is a mother of three boys and former elementary school teacher. She has written a fun yet education new series designed to teach American history to kids ages 6-12. In the "Miss Trimble's Trapdoor" chidlrens history adventure series a little boy accidentally falls through a trapdoor in his classroom and into the school basement. Here he meets a talking dog named Barnabas Bailey who takes him back in time to see history for himself and learn life lessons along the way.
My first two books in the series are published through Synergy Press and distributed through Midpoint Trade Books, and I own all my own copyrights and illustrations. I am searching for a traditional publisher and/or agent to take over the series...someone who dreams as big as I do! My readers think the series would make a great cartoon or movie.