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J.J. Hebert, President, Mindstir Media - USA Book Service Provider

J.J. Hebert, President, Mindstir Media

Premium Membership | USA Book Service Provider
J.J. Hebert, President, Mindstir Media

45 Lafayette Rd
Suite 181

North Hampton, New Hampshire

USA - 03862

Email [email protected]


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Mindstir Media is an award-winning book self-publishing company, best known for its "Mind-Stirringly" easy book publishing process. MindStir makes book self-publishing easy through its top-notch book-publishing services: book design, editing, illustration, printing, distribution, ebook conversion, publicity, book marketing and more.

MindStir Media authors retain all rights. Each author also works directly with a bestselling author as well as an assigned professional publishing team. The team assigned to each author typically includes a book designer, editor (if applicable), and pr... View More »
Looking for help aspiring authors and publishers with their self-publishing, book printing, publicity and book marketing needs.