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Kevin Kunz - USA Book Author: Contact Details, Books, Biography

Kevin Kunz

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Kevin Kunz

141 San Fidel NW

Albuquerque, New Mexico

USA - 87107

Email [email protected]


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Barbara and Kevin Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in reflexology as well as best-selling authors of 22 books about reflexology and the newest edition about prolonged sitting. The Kunzes published in 22 languages with 60 foreign editions. The Kunzes have practiced, taught, and researched reflexology for close to 40 years.

Areas of study for their Reflexology Research Project include documenting reflexology techniques and ideas; how reflexology works in the nervous system; a data base of research studies in reflexology (500 and counting); the structure and function o... View More »
We are seeking a publisher who will help us continue our long time communication with reflexologists and reflexology lovers around the world. Over the years our work has been published in some 60 foreign language editions and 20 languages produced by 25 publishers. As the most published authors in the field of reflexology, we explore and create on-going written works for the general public and professional practitioner.

We are looking for publishers with imagination who are interested in not only print media but digital media such as smartphone apps as well. We seek a publisher who will add value to our Web presence: our popular Web site which receives 2,000 unique views a day as well as our Blogs, Twitter and Pinterest accounts

We currently have available rights to books we have authored for the general public:
Un-Sit Your Life, The Reflex “Diet” Solutio... View More »