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Chris Musgrave - USA Book Service Provider

Chris Musgrave

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Chris Musgrave
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At Caltech, I wanted to develop a mobile publishing system for publishers and academics who need to connect directly with their "on-the-move" readership. As a result of years of R&D, I've developed the only mobile application that allows publishers to create, publish, market and distribute both conventional eBooks, print books and the newest ePub3 (multimedia) eBooks inside the same app. Mobile publishing will be the next revolution in direct publishing to readers. Stop by and try our system for free for two weeks. We have installations and plans to fit all sizes of publishers.
We're looking to make deals with self-published authors and publishers looking to leverage the new mobile reading market. More readers are turning to reading with the mobile devices (smart phones, iPads, and Tablets). We provide a full range of services to get publishers into this exciting new business marketing adventure. Why pay 30% of your profits to Amazon? Get 100% with EMRE's Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing App. We're also looking for translators and foreign rights on Jim Musgrave's award-winning Pat O'Malley Historical Steampunk Mystery Series.

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