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David Beasley

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David Beasley

150 Norfolk St S

Simcoe, Ontario

Canada - N3Y 2W2

Email [email protected]


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David R. Beasley was born and schooled in Hamilton, Ontario. He graduated from McMaster University with a B.A. [Literature and History], studied in Paris and Vienna. In New York City, he earned a master’s degree in Library Science, worked in the New York Public Research Libraries, led the New York Library Guild, AFSCME Local 1930 and earned a PhD in political economy at the progressive New School for Social Research. He moved to Simcoe, Ontario in 1992 and continued to write and publish books under his imprint Davus Publishing. Awarded Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his writings.
I want mainstream publishers to take over the publishing and distribution of some of my books which I have sold almost exclusively to readers in southwestern Ontario. In particular Sarah's Journey is one of those rare books that excites readership. It deserves a wider audience and will most certainly be a large best seller from what I have been able to judge from its readership.

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