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Diane van der Westhuizen - South Africa Book Author: Contact Details, Books, Biography

Diane van der Westhuizen

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Diane van der Westhuizen
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I have had a few articles published in South Africa's most widely-read family magazine as well as the endorsement of a literary agency (New London Writers) regarding another book I am working on : The Friendly Desert. The editor is so impressed with my writing that she has included it in her published anthology of new writers.

I am also the author of short stories and a the first in a trilogy of young adults books focusing on self esteem and environmental issues. The first book is Wild Avengers and is available on Amazon. Briefly, the gist of the storyline of Wild Avengers centres... View More »
I am hoping to connect with a literary agent or publisher who care about the environment and are concerned about the way mankind treats those who cannot speak for themselves - animals.