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Keith G. Laufenberg - USA Book Author: Contact Details, Books, Biography

Keith G. Laufenberg

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Keith G. Laufenberg
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I have been writing for 30 years and have had two novels published, both in 2007, along with numerous poems and short stories published in literary magazines and journals, such as: "The Bee" in AIM Magazine; "Wooden Indian" in The Maryland Review and Northern Stars Magazine; "Sonny Liston's Eyes" in Spillway Review, "Muhammad's Revenge" in NuVein, Spoiled Ink and Down in the Dirt, "Peace On Earth" in The Oracular Tree, "Childhood" in Pleaides; "The Gun" in Struggle; "Wooden Indian" in Northern Stars Magazine and The Maryland Review; "The Blues Act" in The Pink Chameleon; "Scumbag, Scumbag & ... View More »
I'm searching for a reputable agent who can negotiate a deal and save me time from all the constant emailing to editors and publishers I'm forced to do.