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"This is the second book for general public release written by Philip Valentine Coates. However, it is certainly not the second written article he has produced. He spent many years as a highly qualified professional technologist specializing in advanced thermal imaging and image processing systems. He has written many comprehensive technology papers for publication in specialist journals and has presented technical papers at many prestigious international conferences. He even has acclaimed technical papers held in the British Library. He is also the holder of many patents registered in a wide variety of countries. This experience has given him a unique skill in the in-depth researching of topics, which has enabled him to produce a unique and revealing detailed insight into the remarkable life of a poor woman who was born two hundred years ago in a deprived and dangerous Dickensian London. He was born in Sheffield, England, and attended the University of Surrey where he gained his master?s degree. He is married. He and his wife, Jennifer, have five children and fifteen unruly grandchildren who are the loves of his life (if more than a little demanding)."