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How to Use Impact Wrench


Using a powerful impact wrench will largely depend on the type of application you are using it for. Though there are lots of similarities in the way you use them, you still need to have some specific skills for the type of application you need it for. Whether you are using an impact wrench for automotive, construction, industrial, maintenance, or home DIY, you need to have the basic steps of using this essential tool to achieve success. The following are the steps to take;

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Read the Manual and Put on Your Safety Gears

Just before you use an impact wrench, you need to protect your eyes because certain metal pieces may fly up and the tool itself may fly towards the eyes. Protective gloves must also be worn alongside eyeglasses. You may also want to wear earmuffs or any other ear protection device against some noisy impact wrenches. It makes a lot of sense to wear snuggly fit clothing to avoid getting caught in your tool and material you are working on.


Choose a socket

You must choose the right socket size that fits the nut or bolt you are about to tighten or loosen. Some top impact wrench brands do come with a set of sockets you can choose from. Choose many sockets until you find one that snugly fits with the bolt or nut. It must not be too tight and it must not wiggle out. Simply install the socket by pressing it into its holder, and that is the square-shaped holder that holds the base of the socket.

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Loosen and Remove the Nut

Simply place the impact wrench in the reverse position to loosen it. There should be a switch that comes with the wrench to do this step but confirm it in the manual. Gently place the socket on top of the bolt or nut while maintaining a firm grip on the impact wrench, steadily hold your wrench and then pull its trigger in a short burst- this will increase the torque that will loosen the nut.

Once you have successfully loosened the nut, you can easily remove it from the bolt. You need to maintain the pressure on the trigger to spin the nut in a counter-clockwise position. stop pulling the trigger once the nut has been removed, and turn off the power.


To Tighten a Nut

If you are using the impact wrench for changing tires, for instance, you can tighten a nut by switching the impact wrench setting to the forward instead of reverse position. Simply find the right socket as usual and install it, then place the bolt manually before holding your wrench with a very firm grip. Place the socket on top of the nut and then press the trigger to build torque and ensure that the wrench socket rotates in a clockwise motion. This motion will spin the nut over the bolt until it tightens. The List of Top Remodeling Tools to Buy - Best Product Reviews offers more information on how to use different impact wrenches for different applications.


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