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I was was born in Warwickshire, England and trained at Guy's Hospital London. I migrated to Australia in 1976 and have been a country GP in central Victoria for the last twenty-eight years. I live with my wife Gillian on a farm in the beautiful Macedon Ranges about an hour north of Melbourne. When not involved in the practice or fixing a fence on the farm, I enjoy writing and portrait painting. I have eight (soon to be nine) beautiful grandchildren, all of whose first names I can remember. I am not so good with the middle names.
I am looking to develop a network of writer friends with whom I could discuss future planned work and also chew over how to perform the balancing act required by the immense inroads that writing makes into everyday life. In something's gotta give, Dianne Keaton sits at her typewriter rattling away looking over the ocean. She then types 'The End' and walks away from her desk and the book is never referred to again. Well it is not like that for me at all. Firstly, I write as if I was chiselling in stone and secondly, I am a hopeless typist. Further I never know when I have finished and revisit and rewrite and revisit and rewrite until I have driven myself (and my wife) completely barmy. So how do others balance all this and stay sane and happily married and able to get on with the rest of their lives?