Will be at Frankfurt Book Fair September

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I am a fifty-year-old married mother of three children and four grands, who have my heart forever. Working in the field of secondary education, as well as serving as youth pastor with my husband, keeps me on my toes. I find myself constantly alerted to the needs of others, encouraging, advocating, and coming up with inventive ways to direct youth. I received my AA degree in liberal arts from the College of Central Florida. I was then motivated to peruse my BA degree in human services. This is where I discovered my love for writing. During the year 2013, I felt inclined to spend quality time communing with my heavenly father in prayer. It was there on my knees that I received an influx of poetry and songs that have inspired me and a host of others. As I share my gift with you, I pray you too will be inspired, encouraged, and awakened within.