Pamela Peacock

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Pamela Peacock has come to live quietly in the Illawarra in the later part of a life that has charted the cultural upheavals of the 20th century. From her early years in Melbourne in the times of jazz, bodgies and widgies she moved to swinging London in the late 60’s and early 70’s with her musician husband. It was a wonderful and exciting time to be in that city. Coming back to Australia they became an integral part of the counter culture in Melbourne and started Feedwell Foundry Far Out Funky Foods, a wholefood bakery and health food shop in Prahran Melbourne. In 1973 Feedwell was invited to take part in the first Nimbin Aquarius Festival. A second hand bus was found, outfitted and painted and with all the ingredients and equipment needed headed north with a willing band of intrepid bakers. Later Pamela and her family packed up the bus and headed West. They lived for a few years in an alternative community (The Universal Brotherhood) in the south west of Western Australia. Later still the excitement of Fremantle was where she and her family settled. Then back across the Nullarbor this time to Sydney. Now Pamela lives in the beautiful Illawarra. Now she loves to travel, everywhere.
A recognition of my novel, sales of my novel, maybe some dialogue from readers. What does anyone who ever wrote anything want?