Nicole Audet

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Dr. Nicole Audet has practiced family medicine for over thirty years. Passionate about literature and pedagogy, she has published numerous children?s books and has received several national and international literary awards. Most recent books Parents for Sale, Are You Eating My Lunch? and Strike at Charles' Farm. Dr. Audet?s previous titles include the French Felix and Boubou series (Boomerang editor), Lucas Has Otitis (L?otite de Lucas, 2012), A Hunting Lice (La chasse aux poux, 2012), A Vaccine for Joëlle (Un vaccin pour Joëlle, 2013), The Gastroenteritis of Lea (La gastroentérite de Léa, 2013), The Gabriel Allergies (Les allergies de Gabriel, 2014), Sabrina Has Chickenpox (La varicelle de Sabrina, 2014), Your Health Guide (Votre Guide Santé Info, Guy Saint-Jean, editor, 2012), and The Cookie Fairy (La fée des biscuits): A Collection of Christmas Stories (Andara, 2013). Visit Dr. Audet?s website: www.drnicolebook.com. The French version of this book has been published in 2015 by Boomerang editor.
I want sell my manuscrit for Parents for Sale (Authorhouse) and many other books.