Nhlanhla Damoyi

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NL Damoyi grew up in Alexandra, one of Johannesburg oldest townships. His love for poetry began when he was 14 years old, where his writing became a conduit for protest against Apartheid. At 18, he published his first poem Shamming, a poem about Biko?s death. NL was one of the founding members of the Khauleza Cultural Group that performed poetry in Alexandra and the surrounding townships of what is now called Gauteng Province. NL is a jounalism graduate from Rhodes University, he holds a Master?s degree in Arts (Social Policy), and a Master?s in Businesss Administration (MBA) qualification. Today NL is Managing Director of Sengenyathi Enterprises (Pty) LTD, a holding company with divisions in Road Construction, Book Publishing and Distribution. In 2010, NL self-published his first book, Daughter of Zulu through Xlibris Publishers. Wear Your Dreams Like Your Skin his latest collection of poems. It is an anthology in praise of knowledge, ability and wisdom.