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China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.(CEPIEC) was established in 1987 by the Ministry of Education to meet the demands of foreign academic publications from universities and colleges in China. It is one of the largest state-owned publications import and export enterprises in China which is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The company consists of business departments including Periodicals & E-Resources Import Department, Book Import Department, Chinese Books Joint Purchase Department, Export Department and Digital Resource R&D Center as well as functional departments like GM Office, HR Department, Financial Department , IT Department and Content Auditing Department, etc. The company has established its dominance in import and export of periodicals, books, all formats of e-resources, and audio & video products, which are the company’s core business. The company’s other featured services include book cooperative cataloguing, joint purchase of domestic books, international academic books and scholarly journals roadshows, etc. Customer-oriented and resource-based, CEPIEC actively develops the domestic and international markets in accordance with its service concept: professional, focused and excellent. It has established good business relationship with over a thousand publishers and agents worldwide. The company’s customers cover universities, research institutions, public libraries, hospitals, corporations and government organizations in over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. By providing excellent services, the company has enjoyed high reputation and favorable comments among its customers. As one of the best publications import & export companies in China, CEPIEC has won the prizes of “Excellent Library Supplier”, “Reliable Service Provider”, ”Leadership in General Strength”, “Innovative Service Provider” and alike in recent years. In Dec. 2010, CEPIEC joined in the China Education Publishing & Media Group Ltd. Established by the Ministry of Education in demand of the government’s cultural system reform, the group is merged by People’s Education Press, Higher Education Press, Language and Literature Press, China Educational Instrument & Equipment Corporation and CEPIEC. With the great opportunity after joining in the group, the company aims to be a world-class “professional, service-oriented” publications import and export corporation providing comprehensive information services. In the near future, CEPIEC will make more contribution to improve the quality of higher education and enhance Sino-foreign cultural exchanges with its professional innovative services. New era of CEPIEC begins…■
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