Interested in selling subsidiary rights (translation, audio, etc.) to our titles.

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Maven House Press publishes business books for business professionals to help them lead their organizations to greatness in unpredictable and fast-moving times. Business and management topics we publish include: • Change Management • Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Analytics • Economics and Finance • Entrepreneurship and Careers • General Business and Management • Human Resource Management and Teams • Leadership • Innovation, Creativity, and Thinking • IT Management • Management Skills and Personal Development • Marketing and Sales • Nonprofit Management • Process, Product, and Project Management • Organization Design, Development, and Culture • Strategy and Planning
We are interested in talking to publishers looking for subsidiary rights (translation, audio, etc.) to any of our fast growing list of business/management titles. We are also interested in talking to authors who have a business/management book (at any stage, from idea to finished manuscript) that would be appropriate to our house.