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"The General Information cover sheet states maximum (300) words. She is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. She is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, active duty, and the Army Reserve. She was a Honorary Member of the Tennessee State House of Representatives in 1991 as a pastoral Advisor. She was ordained as a minister in 1986. She was a pastor for six years. She has an International Healing and Deliverance ministry. She has ministered to all nationalities and ethnic groups. She had a Television and Radio ministry for many years. She served on the Board of County Commissioners for Charles County, Maryland several years. She was involved in a car accident and had a deathbed experience in 1978 that changed her life. Immediately after the experience, the eyes of her understanding were enlightened to the Truth about the Soul, the Mind and the Spirit of Humankind. During the deathbed experience she went through a tunnel, and a hand reached inside the tunnel and touched her forehead and a voice spoke saying: It is not your time, I am sending you back to minister healing and deliverance to My people. When her spirit returned to her body she had become paralyzed, unable to move anything except her head. The doctors told her family that she would never walk again. Reservations were made for her to go to live at a nursing facility. She refused to go because God had given her a vision of her walking again. She had to learn how to walk all over again and is walking and ministering healing and deliverance to the People of God."