Selling various rights for Finding Arun and Last Piece of Me (literary fiction).

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Marisha Pink is a twenty-something-year-old rat race escapee turned author and entrepreneur. Born and raised in London, from a young age she had an unhealthy obsession with books and always dreamed of one day writing stories with the magic and power to take readers on a journey. After five years of working at some of London's top marketing and advertising agencies, in July 2012, when unfavourable changes were proposed at work, she realised that she was faced with two options: get another, same-same-but-different, 9-5 job or take the opportunity to follow her dreams. In September 2012 she decided that it was finally time to take the leap and, backpack in hand, she left everything behind to travel around Southeast Asia and complete the first draft of her debut novel, Finding Arun. She's been on a mission not to live life by the book ever since. Eventually returning to the UK in February 2013, Marisha successfully raised the finance to self-publish Finding Arun through popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter and the book was published globally in September 2013 in paperback and ebook. Always inspired by the world's entrepreneurs and their ideas, Marisha is also spearheading the launch of three of her own business ventures within the publishing, technology and event catering industries.
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