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Mansoor Palloor bravely shares his findings and his forecasts in this new book as he predicts the wars and the political conflicts in the Middle East.After the fall of Communism, at a time when the globe in its entirety is being sucked into the whirlpool of a new political order, his book stands out for the very bold way in which the message that the end of Capitalism is in the offing and imminently at the door steps was clearly spelt out to the world. Mansoor Palloor is a writer of repute on current international affairs and trends. He is a forecaster on the political and financial directions that global affairs take. His articles are published in Malayalam dailies and magazines in Kerala. His works have gained popularity amid his readership for his farsighted, astute predictions and observations. The fact that several political and financial trends have surprisingly unfolded in the exact way he predicted shows the precision of his articles.