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You may have to write an essay on a controversial topic based on your personal opinion. Depending on your purpose, an essay can be of any length, from a short letter to the editor for a medium presentation to a long research paper. But each part should include some basic steps and elements.


1. Gather research to support your opinion. Make sure the sponsor's statements match the spelling.

For example, the evidence differs between observations (letter to the editor) and reliable statistics (for a research article). It must include examples and evidence demonstrating understanding of the topic, which can be found at paper writer website.This includes possible counterclaims. To truly understand what or what you're up against, it's important that you understand the opposing arguments on your topic.

2. Describe previous opinions or arguments. You are most likely writing on a controversial topic that has been discussed so far. Look at the arguments you have made in the past in write my thesis and see how they fit into your opinion in the context in which you are writing. How are the previous aspects of your vision similar or different? Has anything changed at the time when others wrote about it, and now? If not, what does no change mean?

"Students often complain that the dress code restricts freedom of expression."


“While some students feel that the uniform restricts freedom of expression, many feel that it forces them to adhere to certain standards of appearance, as well as many remember to sometimes ask essay writers for help (for example, https://bidforwriting.com/revise-my-essay)

3. Use an intermediate statement that shows how your opinion complements the argument, or suggests that previous statements and arguments are incomplete or incorrect. Follow the statement that expresses your opinion.

"While I agree that regulation hinders my ability to express my individualism, I believe the new code creates an economic burden that is of great concern."


"The administration has developed a program for students who need help buying new uniforms."


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