Luggage To Ship

Before Luggage To Ship was founded, we have cooperated with DHL and FedEx for over 10 years and provided US domestic and international shipping services for business and individual clients all around world. In July 2014, luggagetoship.com was launched. The website was built for clients to ship their luggage, golf clubs, skies, snowboards and boxes easily. We provided various shipping options include US domestic ground and express services, US export express and economy services, US import express services. Via our world-class logistics partners, FedEx and DHL, we provided door-to-door shipping services to almost all zip codes in US and over 220 countries and territories. In 2015 and 2016, Luggage To Ship was invited to attend New York Times Travel Show and was the only luggage forwarding services supplier in the show. Luggage To Ship is dedicated to providing clients more affordable and convenient shipping services. In December 2017, we upgraded our website with more mobile friendly interface and improved order processing and labelling system. With the new system, we are providing clients the best shipping rate and shipping experience. We also launched luggage storage services to meet clients’ requirements on luggage holding and storage. Luggage To Ship is working endlessly to improve all of the features and services to offer our client a hassle-free and cost-effective trip. Our Mission Provide customers affordable and flexible luggage shipping and storage solutions to make their trips or movements more relax and hassle-free. Top Reasons to Select Luggage To Ship 10+ years’ experience in shipping and forwarding industry Flexible shipping options with the best prices. World-class shipping partner: FedEx and DHL. Same-day pickup service. Worldwide drop-off locations. Door to door services with full tracking. Free label delivery service to US address. Free and additional insurance coverage. Free luggage storage services (up to 6 months). Simple and friendly booking and order management system. Dedicated and reliable customer services team to take care of your shipments on line, by phone and by email.