Louise Melnikoff

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I started writing this book in 1997 and now in 2017 can say it is complete, allowing me satisfaction of closure. It's based on my recollections from comprehensive diary notes, minutes of meetings, reports, tape recordings, faxes, emails, travel logs, court notes, and all hard copy in my possession of materials. Reliving the journey has been difficult - the elation, the disappointments, the emotional cruelty and the final outcome. I have laughed and cried, perhaps too many times, but I do not regret a moment of my life, for life is a journey and no matter what cards we are dealt, we simply have to play the hand to the best of our ability. I hope the readers find my journey inspirational. IN MAY 2016 there were articles about Turnbull and my story published in Sydney Morning Herald, the Financial Review, the Australian.
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