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"Linda Key was born in North Miami Beach Florida in 1966 and moved to the United Kingdom in 1998 and has lived her for 19 years. Due to her Mental Health, she could no longer work, so she looked to her many hobbies like reading and writing and once did a talent show ?Let Our Voices Be Heard? until 2016 when her music director moved away to Dunfermline. While taking a mini break in St Andrews and looking around the castle and cathedral of the city she had the strangest dream and started writing this story but she had to think of a way to make it interesting. So she experimented with Gaelic, Welsh and Russian and she also included her take on the modern world and her own life experiences and hobbies in this story. She hopes that the reader will get enjoyment of it after she puts so much hard work into it and is not looking for success but to make a person or more happy?that is her main goal. She has no family or siblings or a husband and children and lives in Forfar Scotland with her cat named Misty."