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"Leo Pevsner belongs to a generation of baby-boomers. His lifetime has been divided into two dissimilar parts: Russian and American. This divergence alleviated his understanding of moral basis, cultures, and ethics of these two so distinctive societies. In his book, he depicts Russian speaking immigrants in the US, specifically Jews, their common background, and cultural traits. Over three thousand years separates biblical Jews exited from Egypt from the last wave of Jewish migrants exited from Russia. In present time, hundreds of thousands modern day Russian Jews found themselves in the United States, Israel, and elsewhere. Why did they leave their country of birth? Why people that used to be Jews in Russia became Russians in America? What country are they loyal to? And finally, who is the Russian Jew? This book is about the principled fiber of the people deeply rooted into the Russian culture but keeping the elusive difference from the Russian mainstream; their mind-set also alienates them from the American mainstream. Historical and social conditions of the twentieth century have formed the distinct culture of Soviet Jews ? educated, secular, and ambitious. Through the example of his own fortune, the author attempts to describe the divisive experience of these people and observe how their culture melts with an American one. A combination of personal experience, focused observations, and reflections about people of the last exodus determined the substance of this book. Leo holds doctoral degree in marine engineering, has a number of scientific publications in international technical magazines as well as over a dozen of inventions. The area of his business for the last 17 years is Environmental Engineering. In addition to engineering, he has a longtime concentration in History, Genealogy and Judaic studies. He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife Marina. He works as a Project Engineer in Engineering Consulting firm."