Laxmi Parasuram

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An M.A. from Bombay University and a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky, Dr Laxmi Parasuram?s experience of the academic world spans 25 years as a Professor of English in India. She is the recipient of both British and American awards, including the Visit award from the  British Council  and Fulbright post-doctoral  Fellowships from the U.S. She is the past President of the Indian Association for American Studies and has contributed several papers on American Literature studies in India. She has also edited a volume entitled American Literature and Culture and written a critical book on Virginia Woolf called Virginia Woolf: the Emerging Reality. As an Inner Wheel member of the Rotary Club of South West Calcutta, she has written its history. Her first novel published in 2003 is Entrapped in Academia. She is currently a member of the Rotary Club Calcutta South City Towers. An active member of the Soroptimist  International, she has served in local and national committees  of this global association for  professional women.