Lanre Ajiboye

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Lanre Ajiboye (Tel: 234-806-250-6769) was born on 12/12/1948, at Ilesa, Osun State of Nigeria into a polygamous home, lost his father at age 13 and trained to Secondary level by his mother before he took off on his own working and studying through extra mural and correspondence through GCE A\L to Marketing when he made a switch to later become affiliated to the Institute of Management Services in 1986. He is also a member of the American Writers & Artists Incorporated and has 2 books published by Trafford and 19 manuscripts in wait for publishing out of which five already edited ready for print are: a. The Campaign, b. Political Publicity, c. Pragmatic Perspectives of the home and Society, d. Tri-Strands of Family-cord, and e. Crisis of Human personality development. His working career cuts across many industries and departments through the ranks in personnel, research, administration, advertising, and later in management positions in construction and marketing up to the level of Asst. General Manager before withdrawal in to private consulting service specializing in Expatriate Employment administration. He had a stint in the political arena where his faith was seriously challenged and had to retire to literary expedition and technological design duties owning 5 techno-scientific products and process designs in the areas of global security, automobile engineering and biotechnology all still in the process of being patented as financing partners are also being awaited.
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