Kryon Publishing Services

This is Rathish from Kryon Publishing Services Pvt Ltd, KRYON is a technology-driven BPO committed to facilitating the transition of conventional publishing to electronic publishing tailored with an energetic combination of professional expertise and youth. Our expertise is Project Management, XML Conversion, Data conversion, Typesetting, ePublishing, eBooks, Content Engineering, etc. KRYON provides complete end-to-end content conversion and management services and solutions to customer's worldwide. From a production office in INDIA, and a business promotion office in the USA, we are well-experienced professionals and able to provide services which are fast, reliable, and of the highest quality. KRYON is well equipped with the state-of-the-art machines and manpower having good hands-on experience in all stages of the publishing services spectrum. We understand the need to maintain the integrity of data and the technical requirements of our client. KRYON, by virtue of experiential and creative learning, has the multiple advantage of catering to the print-driven market and also beyond-print products. Quality management is inherent in KRYON. We put a wide spectrum of skill sets to work, to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout our production cycle. We combine our expertise and native intelligence to provide dynamic technology solutions and services with aggressive quality-profitability relationship Whatever you need, conventional or contemporary, you now have the best team to start work with that will respond fast and deliver efficiently and effectively. We trust that the quality of our products and extremely competitive prices would be an attractive option for you.
We are looking for Authors and Publishers and also Pre-Punlishing company.