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Krista Goering is a licensed attorney-at-law and literary agent. Earlier in her career Goering studied creative writing at Tufts, German in Vienna, and Danish in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Copenhagen Business School and worked in Europe as a Danish/English translator. She received her juris doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law. Over the years Goering has worked as a freelance writer, published a regional magazine, acted as Editor-in-Chief of a law journal, and practiced law.
We are currently looking for exciting new nonfiction projects by authors with a platform who wish to build a brand with multiple projects. We are interested in nonfiction of all kinds, including -Mind/body/spirit titles of all kinds -Innovative health/wellness/nutrition/diet books - Business books by platformed authors - How-to books of all kinds -Self-help titles from top-platformed authors -Anything that brings an innovative or fresh perspective or format to long-standing parenting topics - Books related to college admissions or college survival -Books about movies or TV - Narrative nonfiction titles by platformed authors - Interesting, nichey cookbooks


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