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"At this stage in my life Pickles was my best friend, my companion and as it turns out, my life saver. I was at the point of giving up on life because the realisation of being house bound and alone was too much. Pickles gave me a reason to live, to get up each day, to laugh and he taught me how to love again. My life had meaning and purpose each day and I had found a friend who would go on to be my assistant and companion for many years." As my health got worse I spent more time at home confined to my bed. Then out of nowhere the thing that I treasured most was taken from me! My eye sight! I spent the whole of Kate and Williams wedding bank holiday in and out of hospital. Test after test, after test. There was no explanation and no cure! The moment I returned home I had to begin learning all the basic stuff again. This was really hard and very frustrating, but guess what. Pickles instincts told him I needed help and lots of patience. He became my eyes.
A publisher that will recognise the struggles I have been through and realise the potential of the story of a guide cat.