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"I graduated during tough economic times in 1988. I was grateful that a top American Semi-Conductor Company supplying reputable microprocessors worldwide hired me immediately. After working there for two years in Quality Assurance department, I joined a Japanese MNC to start up a new factory manufacturing computer peripheral devices. I rose through the ranks from an engineer in 1990 to eventually becoming General Manager in 2004. The peripheral device business unit existed as an OEM collaborating with the world?s major Personal Computer makers such as Apple, Dell, IBM, Lenovo and HP. Our business grew, and operation extended into China in 1996. We enjoyed a handsome profit from the expansion. As with any other business, we went through many ups and downs, but these served as great learning processes that nurtured us into building up positive thinking and crisis management skills. Year 2005 was a major setback when we almost lost out to Taiwanese/Chinese competitors. Production was reduced drastically, but we recovered three years later and emerged stronger, through reinvented LEAN practice. Since then, I have worked hard to improve and promote the plant?s competencies and expertise to corporate Head Quarters and customers to win new businesses. At the same time, I was vigorously promoting continuous improvement through LEAN practices and expanded our business to other categories. Year 2011 marked the turning point in my career when I assumed a very new responsibility that covered HR functions, talent development, plant maintenance, IT, finance, security and business strategy divisions. The job scope also included the large audio business unit with a total head count of around seven thousand at one stage. It was a great opportunity to get involved in transactional work environment and to explore how LEAN can be practiced. As a person who strongly advocates LEARN, EARN and RETURN, this has led to my current passion of recounting my past twenty-five years of manufacturing experiences in this manuscript that is titled LEAN ? The Essence of Efficiency, Road to Profit, Power of Execution. LEAN is an extraordinary journey. The ordinary part of the journey is the successful implementation of LEAN, and the extraordinary part is the journey that helps us to attain mastery in what we are doing by continuously finding a better way of doing same task. My hope is others will be equally inspired in taking this long but rewarding journey."