Kelcey Johnson

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Dale Leonard Johnson I am a retired sociologist. I copy here a part of my curriculum visa. Education --B.A. San Francisco State University, 1959 --M.A. Stanford University, 1961 --Ph.D. Stanford University, 1967 (in Social Theory and Economic Development; specializations in Economic Development, Political Theory, Latin American History, and Sociology of Development). University Positions --Investigador Asociado, Universidad de Chile, 1964-66 --Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside, 1965-66 --Professor of Sociology, Pitzer College and Claremont Graduate School (Claremont Colleges), 1966-1970 --Professor of Government, Claremont Graduate School, 1967-1970 --Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University, 1970-1987 --Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University, (took early retirement in 1987). --Professor of Social Science, Institute for Central American Development Studies, 2002-2004 (immersion field course in sustainable development for foreign college students, semester study in Costa Rica) Most of my scholarly publications during the 1960s to the 1980s dealt with Latin American development problems. The first work in the late 1960s was an historical study of Chilean industrial development and industrialists as a social group, followed by a book coauthored with James Cockcroft and Andr
I hold the copyright to Amerikaganistan, Dystopia Inc. What Every Movement Activist Should Know. It was self-published through Create Space a subsidiary of Amazon. Neither the paperback book nor the kindle e-book is selling well. So I would like to find a publisher with a good distribution.


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