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"Doctor, inventor and publisher who worked in acute and intensive paediatric care in internationally respected hospitals in UK. In 1996, he published a letter criticising the use of preprinted questioners, clinical algorithms and managing patients using protocols. In 2003, he started working as a doctor in family practice, teaching nurses to diagnose common illness and prescribe antibiotics. He was assessing nurses prescribers in a pilot nurse-led practice. Here he identified numerous problem and raised concern about the quality of care offered by nurse prescribers and practitioners. Health secretary in UK ignored such warnings and smashed the demarcation barrier between doctors and nurses in 2006. He collected and compiled a list of symptoms that make people anxious and rush to hospital or a clinic. Using the data, he created a simple tool that will reduce access, educate people to share responsibility and reduce the culture of dependency. He integrated his innovation and created ?Dr Maya? to initially identify infected individual and isolate them to protect healthcare workers and people. He believes these Apps will break the barrier created by healthcare providers, ease doctor patient communication and systemise healthcare."