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How To Build Three - Tier Side Table

To add beauty and elegance to the home, the side table is important and of course for the lazy people like us to keep drinks on it on a holiday. By gathering the essential supplies, you can build a three-tier table at home without spending thousands of dollars. For attempting more projects with success, prepare your kit and get a guide from Best Power Tool Comparison and Buying Guides.

How to Build Three-Tier Table


Before you make a table, brainstorm what kind of design and height you want? If you want to keep the table right beside the sofa set, then ensure the height is comfortable so you can pick anything just by stretching your hand. You need furniture bolts, pliers, wood glue, and wood table legs. Once you are satisfied with all the details, start working on the project.

Measurement and Markings

Without proper measurements and marking, there is no concept of building anything accurately. If you love to attempt wood projects at home, then you must understand the importance of this point. Mark the center points where you have to add legs and center top of each leg. Double-check all your measurements, so you to make sure everything lies within a frame

Trimming and Drilling

The next step is to move on to the trimming process. You have to trim the legs of a table equally to ensure it stands with balance, and you don’t have to go through a long process of altering again. Start drilling in the center of wooden legs where you have marked. Twist screws into them and make sure it is properly fit inside.

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Start attaching the middle section and lower section to each other with the help of wooden legs. Start twisting screws into the wooden plank that comes between the legs. Twist them until you are sure that the table is fit and balanced from every corner. Add glue over screws to make it strong and durable for use. Use a hammer to hit a nail on the table and keep the legs of a table balanced.


Attach all the parts and before giving it a final look, make sure that it’s balanced. For the finishing, don’t forget to hide the screw head with wood filler and primer. Once your table is ready, paint it with anything you want. You can also create flowers and different designs on the table by using stencils. Match it with the interior of a room and enjoy your creativity.

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Preparing a table requires proper brainstorming and planning to get the desired results. This sturdy DIY table is easy to create and can enhance your skills. The more you work on wooden projects, the more you will have the confidence to attempt more projects in the future. By following our guide, you can achieve the results and create the best table for your place to impress people around you.

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