John Perritano

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Over the years, I have written and edited a variety of books, magazines, Web sites, newspapers, and other publications, as well as authoring a number of non-fiction titles. Most recently, I was a senior editor at Scholastic, the largest publisher of children’s books in the world. I was in charge of hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles. Currently I am a full-time freelance writer, penning non-fiction books and articles. My client list includes National Geographic, Discovery.com, Scholastic, various textbook publishers and others. My books include: • Author of curriculum-based, non-fiction books. Publishers include Q2A Media, Scholastic, Crabtree Publishing, Marshal Cavendish Publishing, DWJ Books, among others. Titles include: • American MX: From Backwater to World Leaders (Mxplosion!) • MX Bikes: Evolution from Primitive Street Machines to State of the Art Off-road Machines (MXplosion!) • Free at Last! (Graphic America) • The Revolution in Industry (Graphic America) • Bugs that Live on Us (Bug Alert) • Radical Republicans (Graphic America) • Building Math (Math Alive) • The Persian Gulf War • World War II • The Vietnam War • The Civil War • Civil War Top 10 Battles • World War II Top 10 Battles • Science of Emotions • Science of Sports • Forensic Science • Time for Kids Big Book of Why • Earth in Danger • Maya in the Past and Present • When Cultures Meet • Explore the Northeast • Inventions that Changed the World • Egypt in the Past and Present • Bugs on Your Body: Nature’s Creepiest Creatures Live On You! • Meltdown!: Global Warming Puts the World on Thin Ice • Revolution in Communications • Revolution in Transportation • The Truth About Environmental Hazards • The Truth About Physical Fitness and Nutrition • The Truth About Anxiety and Depression • Numerous other titles
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