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My name is Joyce H. Brown. I was born in Brooklyn, NY yet raised in many parts of NY. I am a mother of a male adult child and the youngest of four siblings. My mother passed away over 17 years ago and I never knew who my father was. I practically raised myself from the age of 10, and I never married. With all that being said, growing up for me was not easy at all as I was faced with many and all sorts of challenges. Today, I give God all the glory because I am an overcomer of my past. I am a Playwright/Director, an MPA Graduate, and a first time Author of my Autobiography entitled "HANDLE IT." The topic was chosen because, I had to handle everything that had come my way. Things that was hard to mention but it is all told in my autobiography. Still, I am trusting that a movie or mini series is produced from my book simply because there is and never has been a story like mine told. Maybe in parts of individuals but not within one person. And because of my life challenges and the things that I have seen, becoming a famous Playwright by way of bringing the real to the stage is a major goal of mine to accomplish, with the hopes of making a positive impact on the many that view my productions. In addition to those who read "HANDLE IT."
I would like to find like minded individuals with the possibility of coming together to bring alive what I mentioned.


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