Joan Fallon-Cook Arte JyR SL

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Joan Fallon was born in Dumfries, Scotland but spent most of her adult life in England.  Teacher, management trainer and business woman, she moved to Spain at the beginning of the new millennium and, after completing an OU course in Creative Writing, she dedicated herself to full-time writing. She writes both contemporary and historical fiction, but has also written a work of non-fiction which has proved the inspiration for at least two of her subsequent novels. Two aspects of Joan's life particularly influence her writing. The first is being a woman who grew up during the sixties and seventies—at a time when it was harder for a woman to gain recognition in a man’s world—consequently almost all her books have a strong female protagonist. The second influence is the fact that she has lived in Spain for the last twenty years. Spanish history and culture fascinate her and have provided some of the most exotic settings in her historical novels.
I would like to find ways of turning my books into films or television series, especially the historical fiction. I have a series entitled The al-Andalus Trilogy which would make a great tv series and similarly another one entitled The City of Dreams trilogy, both set in medieval Spain at the time of the Moors. Other historical novels are The Only Blue Door, set in WWII, a story about three children sent to Australia as child migrants, and Spanish Lavender, set in the Spanish Civil War. This one is a poignant love story. I have also written a number of literary fiction/women's fiction novels: The House on the Beach, Love Is All, Loving Harry, Palette of Secrets and The Thread That Binds Us.