Jim Marjoram

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Jim has lived the conflict of ?same sex attraction? and religion, spending a lifetime wrestling the traditions of fundamentalist Christianity, seeking freedom and truth. In an effort to become ?normal? he actively participated in ?reparative? therapy becoming a leader and example of ex-gay ministries despite their ineffectiveness. After two marriages and the complete collapse of everything around him, Jim has discovered that which eluded him for so long ? self acceptance, peace and love beyond the walls of religious dogma. Jim Marjoram delights us with this gem of a book. His journey from strict evangelicalism to out gay man, by any standard, has been an incredible one. It?s Life Jim? shows us why he has abandoned historical concepts of orthodoxy to find that all along, love has been the essence and key. His theology these days is certainly different from that of his younger self, but if ever the Christian church needed a new view of things, it is now. Jim shows us how we might ?do? faith more humanely, more realistically and more compassionately. A starring contribution to a new literature of Christian faith. Dr Stuart Edser, Psychologist, author Being Gay Being Christian (Exisle, 2012). When one has made the decision to pursue truth and are no longer afraid of where it might lead, they will find themselves adopting new, upgraded philosophy they once swore they would never accept. If we are going to embrace love with this same fearlessness, we will quickly find ourselves in kinship alliance with people like Jim. His courage for naked honesty is a powerful inspiration, showing so many others that they are not alone, and giving them the permission to embrace the truths that set them free as well. - Ken Dahl, author of "What Is God, And How Does It Work?"