"An Honest Man" to be featured at the Beijing International Book Fair 2013

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Titles by J. L. Lawson: the Donkey and the Wall trilogy---An Honest Man, The Thief, The Tiger The Curious Voyages of the Anna Virginia Saga---Weigh Anchor, Harbor, Storms, Locks & Gates, Tidal Bore, Beyond the Littoral, Red Sky at Night The Elf series---The Elf & Huntress, The Elf & Elhehrim, The Elf & Rehuin Just A Curtain All Titles by J.L.Lawson, in either paperback or eBook formats, may be purchased from VoyagerPress.org, singly or in sets, and in any quantities. (Allow 2-4 weeks for printing and delivery). All Rights Reserved and Available for Negotiation. J. L. Lawson resides in the crosstimbers country of northern Texas. After a rewarding career in technical writing and illustration, he turned his attention to the classroom, and over the last decade taught honors-level Literature and Composition courses. Throughout his personal life, J. L. Lawson dedicated himself to verifiably answering the fundamental questions of human existence. His own journey took him both far afield and deep within. It is a journey, no doubt, similar in nature to many seekers' travels who have come before him. However, an unconditional commitment to the work is the trait of only a handful of those who set their aim very high indeed, and then to find a guide who knows the way through that rarely known land, is without question what all others have equally sought. Some gave up the search, some became distracted by the lure of other interests, many became satisfied with the knowledge they had already gleaned from their initial searches. There is, in the end, only so much gold. As a result of this journey of awakening, he can now provide these parables (in the form of Alternative History and Science Fiction) of a practicable path toward the recovery of our human birthright.
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