Jeffrey Couzins

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I have been intrigued with writing since reading one of the Famous Five Enid Blyton books. My taste in reading quickly mushroomed into various genres ranging from Alistair MacLean to specialised non-fiction. I recall the first novel I read: I was fascinated by it and couldn?t put it down. I also developed an interest in electronics when I borrowed a book on the subject, and pursued a career in electronics design through to robotics and machine tool control. Whilst I enjoyed electronic engineering, the appeal was always to my imagination: I relished designing circuits and systems. My life progressed into management and eventually into running my own business. In my thirties I felt called into gospel ministry. When I was a junior minister I would entertain children in the community with various adventure stories from under the sea, and to my surprise adults loved the stories as well. I learned a very important principle at that time: it is possible to write stories that appeal to both young and not-so-young alike. I am now working as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in a busy district in the North of England. But the appeal to write has never left me.