Jeanne Fiedler

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I have both published books and have written all over the web. I try to write naturally, honestly and sincerely. I touch on subjects such as nature, spirituality, philosophy, politics, trauma, loss, grieving, growing, happiness, love and more. I have a Transformative Language Arts certificate that helps me, if traditional methods don't work, to use another way to teach myself and others. I write for the beauty of it and also because it can be so helpful as a release of negativity. I use photos to write about. At Blurb Publishing, I write books that have both photos and poems or stories and illustrations, where all the photos are my own. I have published books also by Bookwhirl Publishing and Xlibris Publishing, and I plan to write more and grow and develop as a artist.
My story is a message of hope. I hope to have a bestselling book to use as a venue to demonstrate my methodology. I want to keep writing and increase the sales of my books. I would also like to find someplace where I can teach and help people through writing and journaling. I love writing and making books and would like to spread my message all over the world. My books are simple and don't give readers complex meanings to decipher. I just would like to uplift and bring joy to them and, in doing so, help them and myself to grow and transcend negative circumstances.