James P. Sumner

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I am a self-published author and creator of the bestselling Adrian Hell series of action thrillers. My novels have topped Amazon's charts, with one winning the Kindle Scout program and briefly hitting #1 in the Paid Kindle Store of three countries (UK, US and Australia). As of March 2018, I have published 7 full-length novels, 2 novellas, and 2 boxsets. I also have the first book in a new Y/A Urban Fantasy series due to release soon. I have a large, and growing, audience of dedicated readers, and a good knowledge of both the indie publishing industry and marketing techniques. I work closely with ALLi to help up-and-coming authors get the best start in the industry they possibly can, which is very rewarding.
I'm primarily hoping to sell the foreign rights to my work, although I'm open to discussing potential options with agents/publishers as well, despite currently being self-published.


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