Jacki Hill-Murphy

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Jacki Hill-Murphy has travelled extensively ‘off the beaten track’ since leaving school, including travelling Africa in a Land Rover for a year and Istanbul and back with her young son. She spent many years as an English and Drama teacher before leaving to become an adventure film maker, the highlights of which were filming the Atlantic Race, crossing the Empty Quarter twice with Outward Bound and co-organising an expedition into the heart of the Llanganates in the Andes to search for the lost Inca gold. Following in the footsteps of the early female explorers has so far taken her to Cameroon, Ecuador, Ladakh and Siberia and her first book on the subject - Adventuresses, Rediscovering Daring Voyages into the Unknown was published in December 2014. She is now writing The Ambivalent Adventuress about the Victorian nurse Kate Marsden,  Jacki has recently followed her journey across Siberia to aid the lepers in the forests of Yakutia.
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