Helen Martineau

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Helen Martineau trained in dance and visual art in Australia and as a young mother in England completed a Bachelor of Arts through the Open University. She has enjoyed a varied and fruitful career as a performer and choreographer, as well as a creative movement, English and humanities teacher. Her love of music led her to learn classical guitar and sing in a choir. As a community arts worker she collaborated with musicians, actors, writers and the occasional film maker – reinforcing her open-minded, interdisciplinary approach to the arts. Helen has a keen interest in deep history and her investigation of the arts, with a focus on changing human consciousness, has been driven by an awareness of how the spiritual manifests across time within the world’s diverse cultures. Allied with this has been a personal quest for meaning through metaphysical knowledge that impinges directly on every aspect of her life and work. Becoming an author was a culmination, the re-emergence of youthful talents and a new creative adventure. She continues to write both fiction and non-fiction on themes close to her heart.