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www.granvilleislandpublishing.com Before entering the book publishing field, Jo Blackmore was a fine art publisher, working extensively in the visual arts and producing a variety of prints and art cards. She has curated many art shows and organized the legendary art studio tours of the '80s. Jo has a science degree and has taught high school science. Since 1998 Jo and Granville Island Publishing have published over 60 books, including novels, histories, children's picture books, scientific treatises, autobiographies, and hiking guides. Jo's style is instructional and inclusive, which is to say that she keeps her authors informed throughout the publication process and encourages their creative participation. Where Jo is involved, everyone learns and everyone has a good time doing it. What our authors have said about us . . . 'I have appreciated all the work you’ve done. It’s been very steady and straightforward and extremely efficient. Thanks again for all the work and everything you did for it. You sure made it happen.' --Eric Wickham, author Dead Fish and Fat Cats 'It's hard to say whether it was good luck, or good planning on our part, which led us to choose Jo Blackmore and her staff to publish our historical book. When delivery day finally arrived, to our delight we had in our hands a lovely little volume. Our first comments were "it's so professional." Our sales to date also indicate our readers have found our issue of interest. A great deal of credit has to go to Jo and her colleagues for guiding us through the process, and I know they are enjoying, along with us, the accolades from the newspapers, magazines, as well as the great book review in The Honolulu Advertiser. I am sure we could not have done it as well without them.' --Audrey Whittal, President, Puako Historical Society Puako: An Afffectionate History 'I would like to thank the team of professionals who have helped convert my very basic detailed description into a readable presentation in book form. This team has been led by Jo Blackmore, who has enthusiastically managed the process and confidently urged me on.' --Charles Clapham, author Great Walks of Vancouver: Walk Horseshoe Bay to the USA and Walk the Burrard Loop 'As a not-yet-published writer, I dove into the book business with some trepidation. The caring and competent editors at Granville Island Publishing taught me how to swim through the turbulent waters of self publishing. The resultant book, Holding On, a collection of grief poems for my son, is a well-made vessel. Now, I’m floating.' --Cathy Sosnowsky, author Holding On: Poems for Alex
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