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Grammar Factory exclusively serves entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject matter experts, in publishing expertise-based, non-fiction books. We offer truly integrated services, including professional editing and proofreading, print, e-book, and audiobook publishing, book marketing, as well as ghostwriting, writing workshops, and coaching for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Grammar Factory continues to attract ambitious, entrepreneurial clients because we’re noticeably different from other alternatives for publishing expertise-based, non-fiction books. 1) Entrepreneur-focused We’re a business-minded publisher that serves entrepreneurs and business leaders exclusively. We don’t dabble in fiction, poetry, or children's books. We’re focused 100% on publishing books that deliver results for you and your business. 2) Flexible author-entrepreneur support We flexibly provide as little or as much support as you need, from editing-only packages through to full-service packages that include ghostwriting, publishing, and book marketing. 3) Quality-obsessed We’re obsessively committed to publishing high-quality, professional-caliber books. We make 100% certain that your book meets and exceeds professional publishing standards, and enhances rather than detracts from your personal brand. 4) Book Blueprint system Our proprietary Book Blueprint process guides even the most inexperienced writer from idea to structured and detailed outline in short order, making the rest of the writing process far easier. 5) Bestseller campaigns We’ve refined our approach to bestseller campaigns to reliably rank your book in Amazon’s bestseller lists, providing a high-value, hard-to-replicate authority signal that demonstrates your authority in your field.