Gingerbread House

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Not just another "pretty picture book" publisher, Gingerbread House seeks to produce children's titles that fill real needs and possess enduring appeal. In 2000, we launched with the successful reprinting of three important but endangered picture books. We have since released five original titles (two in Spanish) that' combined--have won 22 awards, have earned 100's of raves from our most respected colleagues and the best review venues in the field, and have been translated into several languages around the world. When a book's format can support it, we release in both hard and soft covers simultaneously so that all of our titles may be accessible to anyone, and for any purpose. We employ the highest quality production values to ensure lasting enjoyment to our readers, and because fans of our books tend to acquire them also for others, and to work on creating collections of all our titles, we maintain a firm commitment to keeping our books in continuous print. As for the debut of Take It to the Queen, A Tale of Hope, it is our fondest wish that it will find its way into the hearts of not only the readers of its beloved companion volume, but that it will win new friends for our press. We wish you and yours wondrous experiences through books, and throughout life, and we offer our gratitude for your interest and support!