George Gilliam

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"The time George Gilliam spent in the US Air Force greatly added in his life because it taught him the importance of interdependence, which he shared with his two sons at an early age. He wanted both of his sons, Omar and Isiah, to know that he tried to replace in them a part of what was missed in his life when his dad died when he was just twelve years old. Joining the military helped him develop into a proactive citizen and learn the importance of the motto “Service before self.” Travelling around the world in the military helped him to understand the importance of serving others as well as belonging to something that was larger and more critical than just himself. He also learned in the air force his process supplier input became someone else’s process customer output in the army and that both their processes, when combined, provided quality service and support to help protect the American people and our allies. He learned this concept is also true in the game of baseball. For instance, the pitcher and the catcher are both at different times each other’s customer and supplier and each of their processes inputs and outputs help to benefit the whole team. As air force flight medic, Mr. Gilliam served in different hot spots around the world. He is a Vietnam -Era Veteran, served in Korea, supported Operation Just Cause, and participated in Operation Desert Storm. He was injured while on active duty. Mr. Gilliam is a member of the Foreign Legion, Former member of the Atlanta Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, and served as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. After his military career, he served as a student government president of Georgia Perimeter College Clarkston, Georgia campus, and was awarded member of the National Dean’s List, All-American Academic Team, and member of Phi Theta Kappa. While in college, he published a rewrite of a sonnet written by William Shakespeare. He also served as an intern for former governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue and as an intern for Georgia State representative Dr. Bob Holmes, who served as the director of a think tank called the Southern Center for the Study of Public Policy, and W. E. B. Dubois Institute."