Gere Donovan Press

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Gere Donovan is a creative media agency, working in print and digital. Always passionate readers, as the electronic publishing market became mainstream we found our strengths in web design and development naturally lent themselves to ebook production. And so the Press was born. We're small. We're dedicated to doing good work. And we believe in a square deal for authors. Incidentally, we don't want to buy your rights. We want you to retain them. We believe in publishing and maintaining ebooks on the author's behalf, taking a percentage to cover our costs and leaving authors in control.
It's no secret that series fiction sells. Give readers a protagonist or milieu that they enjoy and they'll be happy to return again and again. Ideally? You're the author—or the estate of an author—of a series of published novels to whom rights have reverted. You'd like to make them available to a new generation of readers with Kindles, iPads, Nooks and Kobos, both for posterity and profit.


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